Chocolate swirl

Chocolate Swirl is a deliciously creamy soap full of cocoa butter.


You’ll immediately notice this soap’s light chocolatey smell, thanks to the addition of delectable, non-deodorized cocoa butter, which makes for a great creamy foam. On top of that, we add pure Mesjokee chocolate into the mix.


To make it even better, we’ve added shea butter and almond oil, but that's it. No olive oil, no coconut oil: this is real cocoa soap. It produces a wonderfully soft, creamy soap, so it’s not just for chocolate lovers.


The chocolate, or cocoa mass (because there is no sugar or any other additives) comes from Mesjokke; Utrecht-based bean-to-bar chocolate makers who know where their cocoa beans come from. The beans, roasted especially for Werfzeep, come as a pure mass from Ambolikapiky, an organic grower in the Sambirano valley in Madagascar.


See how we make Chocolate Swirl in this blog


This soap contains no added fragrances, ideal for those who do not like strong odours or are allergic to essential oils.


The photos show cocoa growing in the Utrecht Botanic Garden and almond in our garden in the forest.

organic & handmade - vegan - free of palm oil, plastics or chemical agents such as SLS - not tested on animals

€6,45 Incl. tax
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