Our ingredients

Our search for the best ingredients started about ten years ago and led us to the Wickenburgh forest, close to Utrecht. It's full of trees and plants of which we harvest young leaves, roots, flowers and a variety of herbs that we use in the manufacturing of our soaps. We also maintain a small herbal garden.

We also work together with a fixed group of farmers and suppliers, they supply us with certified organic ingredients from a fair source and food grade quality (in case it's an edible plant). This is important, because an oil can be processed, which breaks down some of the curing properties.

We never used palm oil and obviously never will. For similar reasons we also don't use mica, rosewood or Indian sandalwood. Our soaps are vegan, except for the bee products that we use for our honey soap and our shampoo bar. These products come from our permanent supplier: the biologically working beekeepers of Het Honingmagazijn.

On this page you will find a growing collection of our ingredients: which properties they have, where they come from and their botanical background.

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