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Why we choose organic ingredients

Organic ingredients are in our DNA. We can only make such gentle and nourishing soaps because we use the best, organic ingredients.

Simply put the best ingredients create the best soap, you can not greenwash this.

Our motivations are twofold: we want to create mild soap that nourishes the skin - and that is suitable for the sensitive skin (like that of our own) - and ensure that the ingredients we work with don't exhaust the earth.

In organic farming the natural cycle is taken into account, the plants stand with their feet in natural soil (and not in rock wool) and are given more time to grow.

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are a heavy burden on the groundwater, but also for the plants, animals and the farmers who have to apply them. In organic farming they are not exposed to harmful pesticides and get a better pay for their products. For all of these reasons we wholeheartedly support the choice to purchase our raw materials certified organic.

This means that all of our basic fats and essential oils are certified organic, and most of our purchased herbs and plants. (Some herbs, like annatto seed and alkanet root, are not certified organic available.) We grow and harvest multiple ingredients our own in our organic herbal garden in the Wickenburgh forest; a closed nature reserve nearby Utrecht. We gave all of our ingredients their own page where you can read where they were grown and which certificate they have. .

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