Shaving soap

We have specially developed our shaving soap with sensitive skin in mind. Used with a shaving brush the soap lathers well and, thanks to the nourishing and soothing qualities of avocado, castor and borage oil, skin becomes soft and supple. Extract of horse chestnut is anti-inflammatory and astringent, and nettle purifies and stimulates blood circulation.


Just before the soap is poured into the mould, larix hydrolate is stirred through. Larix brings a cleansing, soothing quality to the soap, and has a wonderful fragrance. Coming together with the larix are scents of cedar, eucalyptus and pine oil.


Because this soap is based on nourishing saponified oils, the foam will not remain as stiff on your face as with shaving soap, or foam that consists mostly of stearic acid (listed as ‘sodium stearate’ on labels). Foam in these cases may remain stiff, but it also dries the skin. For a gentle, nick-free shave you need not only foam but also the thin layer of soap that allows your razor to glide, which our soap provides. This cares for the skin and softens facial hair for a smooth shave.


This shaving soap will last you for more than a year, even if used daily.


See our short film on how to easily create foam with our Shaving Soap.

The photos show larix from the Chaamse woods, and horse chestnut from Wickenburg forest.


organic & handmade - vegan - free of palm oil, plastics or chemical agents such as SLS - not tested on animals

€8,45 Incl. tax
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