French clay soap

French Clay Soap cleans skins without drying it out.


The clay deeply cleanses skin, extracting impurities. Hamamelis promotes the skin’s metabolism and has been used for many years for its anti-inflammatory, astringent and disinfectant properties. Melissa and East Indian cherry calm irritated skin.


Our Green Clay Soap’s super fresh scent comes from the blend of red thyme, rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils. These help clear your head, stimulate blood flow and combat greasy skin.


This soap is wonderful for acne-prone skin but is also good for use on normal skin. So if you fall in love with the smell but don’t have problem skin, don’t worry; Green Clay Soap is also suitable as a nourishing shower soap for you.

The photos show East Indian cherry and melisse growing in our forest garden.


organic & handmade - vegan - free of palm oil, plastics or chemical agents such as SLS - not tested on animals

Ingrediënten: peppermint,
€6,95 Incl. tax
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