Honey shampoo bar

Our Honey Shampoo bar gently washes your hair. Avocado, castor and neem oil keep your scalp healthy and, in the absence of synthetic smoothing agents, your hair regains its natural volume. This shampoo gets its fragrance from the combination of neem oil, eucalyptus, lavender and carrot and coriander seeds. The honey softens your hair.


To use, simply rub the shampoo bar over your hair, which will create lots of foam. Alternatively, first foam the soap in your hands, then massage it into your hair.


It may take a while to get used to, although most people are immediately happy using this soap.


If your hair feels a little rough after washing it is probably due to limescale in your water supply - rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar can fix this. It also adds shine to your hair and is very good for your scalp.


You can also use this shampoo bar as a shower soap - of course, all ingredients are also great for your skin.


If you have long hair, we advise you to use hair rinse after washing. Read this blog to see how it works (in Dutch). 

The photos show castor and cajeput.


organic & handmade - vegan - free of palm oil, plastics or chemical agents such as SLS - not tested on animals

*from a certified organic source, ^transforms oils into soap, not present in end product, 100% organic essential oils, °natural component of essential oils.
€8,25 Incl. tax
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